What age is Little World of Play aimed at?

Little World of Play will appeal to both toddlers and children up to around 9 years old. Children aged 10 and above are classed as adults and aren’t allowed to play in the play areas.

We have 3 play areas.

1.       Our imaginative play area is aimed at children that we class as ‘Steady Walkers’ i.e they are ready to explore and pretend to be whatever they want in our town be that fireman, doctor, police officer, shopkeeper and so on or even want a boogie at their own little sized disco.

2.     Our larger softplay area is for all children under the age of 10.

3.      Our smaller softplay area with ballpit is for 2 year olds and under.

So you should find something to do for your wee ones.

What is a ‘Steady Walker’ and/or ‘Non-Walker’?

All children are different and that’s why we don’t have a pricing system that looks purely at age.

A ‘Steady Walker’ is a child that can clearly walk without any help and is ‘steady’ on their feet. We feel that once they are at this stage then they will really get the benefit out of the imaginative play area as they can motor around our town and play with anything in any outlet.  They will also want to zip around the bigger softplay frame as well!

A ‘non-walker’ is any child that is over 6 months of age that is either crawling or has not yet mastered the art of walking. They may be able to take a few steps but if they are not ‘steady’ on their feet and can’t walk without you being a few feet behind then book them in as a ‘non-walker’. They can go into the imaginative play area but we don’t believe they’ll get quite as much out of it as those who are a little bit more independent and you’ll more than likely use the little tikes cars to move them around the town.

If your child has a condition that means they are either in a wheelchair or have walking aids then we tend to go by their ‘development age’. If you have any queries then drop us a Facebook message.

Children under 6months are free as are adults. (However, please note that an under 6 month old can only be booked in as part of a group with a child of paying age.)

Where is Little World of Play?

We are on Cuddyhouse Road between Kingseat and Cowdenbeath in Fife.

If you are using satnav or google maps we don’t come up automatically as we are still a fairly new business but you can either enter our postcode, KY4 9PT or try entering Cowdenbeath Recycling centre as they are on the opposite side of the road from us.

Do you have a car park?

Yes - we have a dedicated car park right next to our building so even on a rainy day you only have a short walk to get inside.

As with most places, LWOP does not accept any liability for any thefts or damage caused whilst parking in our car park. We also advise you that whilst we endeavour to grit the paths and parking bays into our facility during winter that entry to and from the car park is at your own risk. We advise you to take care at all times be that driving or walking into/out of our facility.

Do you have wheelchair access?

Little World of Play is based within an old building, but we have done our best to make it suitable for wheelchair users. We have designated disabled parking spaces, but our doors are not automatic. If we can be of any assistance to you then please call ahead in advance and we will do our best to help you.

We do allow wheelchairs into the imaginative play area. The only thing we ask and will help with, if necessary, is to wipe down the wheels prior to entry into the play area.

Can you get to LWOP by public transport?

Yes, we recommend the app Moovit to find out how to get to us by bus or train. When you load it up all you need to enter where you are coming from and enter our postcode – KY4 9PT and then it will give you options to choose – by car, by foot, by bus or by train! 

Do I have to book?

We strongly recommend booking to avoid disappointing the little ones as we have seen it looking fairly quiet only for bookings to fly in when we wake up to a horrible day.

We’re slightly different than other play centres as we run set sessions, (refer to our opening times page for more information) so you can’t just turn up at random times of the day.

We limit the number of children that we allow in to each session to avoid it becoming ‘crazy’ busy as we want the children to be able to enjoy the imaginative play area without it being too crowded. We also want you to feel less frazzled after the 2 hours as well!

We also have school and nursery bookings during term time which may mean that we are closed some days to normal entry. If you use our booking system it will always show you what availability we have on any given day once you enter how many children, etc.

We hate to see disappointed wee faces so we do advise to book in advance, (especially at weekends and school holidays) as we don’t cram in as many kids as we are legally allowed to have in the building.

What is Little World of Play's refund/cancellation policy?

Bookings are non-refundable, however if you contact us at least 24 hours prior to the start of your play session we will reschedule your booking at no extra charge.

How safe is your online booking system?

We use Worldpay as our payment provider. This is a well-known payment service provider in the UK and one of the main reasons we chose them was for their security protocols rather than choosing a lesser known provider which we felt might be a concern to our customers.

When you reach the payment screen you are on a secure Worldpay server. Little World of Play does not get to see or hold your card details and we only receive confirmation that the payment has been successful.

You will receive two emails to confrm your booking. The first one will be from Worldpay to confirm that the payment is successful and then second one will be from Little World of Play to confirm your booking details such as how many children, adults for what day and session, etc.

If you don’t receive the first email from Worldpay it means that the payment has not been processed.

I haven’t received an email – am I booked in?

You should receive two emails to confrm your booking.

The first one will be from Worldpay to confirm that the payment is successful and then second one will be from Little World of Play to confirm your booking details such as how many children, adults for what day and session, etc.

If you don’t receive the first email from Worldpay it means that the payment has not been processed and it’s likely that your booking has been unsuccessful.

If you receive the Worldpay one but can’t see the one from Little World of Play then please check your junk folder as some email providers may put them there.

If in doubt drop us an email of facebook message.

I've booked, how early should I arrive?

We recommend that you don't arrive more than 5-10 minutes before your scheduled session as you will not be able to access Little World of Play or the cafe before the start of your play session.

Some people are surprised at this but this allows us to clean and reset the imaginative play area so that when you do come in at the start of your session then it’s the same experience no matter what session you book.

We also take pride in cleaning the café area and toilets, etc so that you also get a nice clean table and hopefully a more pleasant experience for your 2 hours.

On another note – we also have to give our team a break!

Can I stay after the 2 hours for a coffee/some food?

Unfortunately not. We need the time in between sessions to clean and reset and also give our team a break before the next session starts .

We close our café for food at least 30minutes before the end of each session and the reason we have 2 hour sessions is that gives ample time for play and food. (Some other places only give you 90 minutes!)

Can I leave my children to explore for themselves?

We do state that any 3 year olds or younger cannot go into the imaginative play area unsupervised as there are small props that could be choking hazards.

However you are responsible for your children at all times whilst in Little World of Play and whilst our staff will intervene if they see unruly or inappropriate behaviour it is your responsibility to know and see what your child is doing at all times.

Can I bring my buggy/pram into LWOP?

Yes, we have plenty of space inside the building where you can leave it by the exit or sit it by your table.

You are not allowed to take your pram or buggy into the imaginative play areas. We only exception is for wheelchair access.

Can adults enter the soft play frame?

Adults are welcome to enter the play frame to help and supervise children. However please remember that the play equipment is designed for young children so you will be responsible for any breakages if you are found to be inappropriately using the equipment.

Are children able to exit Little World of Play unnoticed?

The entry and exit of children and adults to our building is strictly controlled.

Adults are not permitted entry unless they are accompanying a child.

All fire exits are also alarmed, so if one is opened then a siren is activated and our staff will immediately know what has happened.

Only members of staff can let people in and out of the building.

Can I bring my dog into Little World of Play?

We do allow guide dogs in however as some children can have either rational or irrational fear of dogs then we do not allow any other types of dog entry, (this includes trainee guide dogs).

What facilities are there for babies?

As mentioned before we do have a small softplay area for 2 year olds and under. We charge a lower rate for any child over 6 months but not yet walking i.e. non-walkers. Check out our prices page for up to date admission prices.

We also provide a good number of high chairs and have baby changing facilities in every toilet, (female, disabled and male as well as even a baby changing room in our waiting area!)

If you forget nappies or wipes, don't worry just let us know as we generally keep a few in stock.

We can provide jugs of hot water for heating baby food jars and pouches however due to health and safety reasons we do not heat up any food in our microwaves. (We have also minimised the amount of electrical equipment in the customer areas and do not have microwaves or other appliances in that area)

Do you serve food and drinks?

We have a cafe that provides a selection of great coffees, teas and cold drinks as well as toasties, paninis, soup, sandwiches, cakes and so on, (check out our menu page).  

We do cater for most intolerances and we have an allergen matrix for your reference, (again check out our menu page) however please let us know if you still have concerns.

We kindly ask that all hot food orders are placed at least 30 minutes prior to the end of the play session, (45 minutes in the 3/30 session). Food orders will not be taken after that time.

Are we able to bring our own food/drink in to LWOP?

As we have an onsite cafe you are not permitted to bring your own food on to the premises, with the exception of baby food and formula, or any food required for medical/allergy reasons. 

Please note that due to health and safety reasons we cannot microwave any baby food in our kitchen. We can provide jugs of hot water for food pouches/jars, etc to be heated.

We understand that some children will have special dietary requirements and to avoid embarrassment if you have brought your own food because of this then please let the superviser know who will be able to advise if this is acceptable.

We are a small family business and rely on the purchases from the café to not only help pay our operating costs but also keep our entry price at a reasonable level versus other facilities.

It’s my childs’ birthday, can I bring in a birthday cake?

We also get asked about whether our food policy applies to bringing birthday cakes in as well and unfortunately it does. We do offer birthday party packages and include the birthday cake presentation and cutting up of the cake as part of the package however this is all done in a controlled manner/environment. (We had intially allowed cakes to be brought in when we first opened however this quickly became a health and safety headache as candles were being lit up in the main café area which posed a fire risk as well as sharp knives being brought out for the cutting of the cake – again another health and safety risk)

Do you accept debit/credit card payments in the cafe?

For your convenience we accept most major credit and debit cards, (either chip and pin or contactless).

We do have a £5.00 minimum spend before we accept card payment therefore all purchases under £5.00 must be paid by cash.

 Do you do parties?

Yes we do offer parties at Little World of Play. Please check our party section for more details.

Why don’t you have someone manning a phone?

We are a small family run business and we want to keep our costs and prices down so we promote people to contact us via our Facebook page or email address, (which also allows people to contact us out of our opening hours)

We operate quite differently from the likes of softplay providers as we have a booking system which clearly shows if we are full or not and as we run set sessions we don’t need someone constantly sitting at a reception desk.

We will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible but as we can get messages at all times of the day and night and we are often in the venue please bear with us as it may be a few days before we get back to you on some queries.